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Welcome to Nrityavidyalaya ! 

Welcome to Nrityavidyalaya
Nrityavidyalaya is a bharatanrityam dance school founded by Smt. Narayanee Ananth  a direct disciple of Dr.Padma Subramanyam(Chennai,India). Nrityavidyalaya is a bharatanrityam school which gives emphasis on dance, theory, sanskrit and music associated with bharatanrityam. Just learning bharatanatyam and performing is not the main criteria but to understand our rich culture and heritage associated with it.The students are also given classes on choreography, abhinaya,nattuvangam and Karanas. This is one  place to come for a wholistic approach to bharatanrityam and to be a performer par excellence.

Classes will be held during Friday and Saturday in Eden Prairie.We offer private lessons as well as group classes.
Adult group and private classes are also available. Please contact us for further details.

 Performance/Lecture And Demonstrations

Narayanee is available for performances and lecture-demonstrations .Please contact us for more information.

Bharatanatyam Dance Choreography
Narayanee is also available to choreograph Bharatanatyam dance pieces for advanced students/teachers and performers. She can also do solo and group choreography. Please contact us for more information.

 Nrityavidyalaya Info:

Narayanee can be reached at 8701 Braxton Dr,Eden Prairie , MN 55347
Phone: 972-954-7361